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~. Welcome to Bell Liberty.~

The Heaven of Boys

~. Welcome to Heaven! .~
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Welcome to BL Heaven! This is a community to discuss and share ANYTHING that is related to the Boy's Love Game turned anime - Gakuen Heaven. I'm not good at moderating communities (as members from love_tactics will know ^_^;; and I'm extremely relaxed. There are a few rules though I would like members to abide:
1) This is a friendly community - all flamings strictly prohibited.
2) Use FRIENDS LOCK when sharing any audiovisual materials.
3) Please TAG your posts properly for archive purposes.
All tags should be labeled in lowercase (no CAPS please)
a) Sharing
anime: Anime Episodes (full download)
bt: Bittorrent Links
drama: All Drama CDs
game: Game
music: Single/OST

b) Episode Discussion
If it's a specific episode, please tag by episode number:
E.g. Discussion relevant to episode 1 only will have the tag: #1

c) Original Works
art: Fanart
fic: Fanfiction

d) Others:
info: Information
shop: Information on merchandise, etc.
help: If you need help on any issues (No requesting for episodes please)!!

4) When you link to external sites, please DO NOT include http:// in front as we don't want people to trace back to our community. E.g. you want to link to this site, it becomes:

5) Any original work posted here is automatically copyrighted so please don't use them elsewhere without the author's permission.