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18 July 2011 @ 05:29 pm
Newest Student At BL Gakuen Chapter Five  

Hey there, minna-san! It's been a long time coming, but I've finally updated my Gakuen Heaven / Pokemon crossover.

Title: Newest Student At BL Gakuen Chapter 5: Secrets Revealed
Rated: K+ (rating will go up eventually)
Warnings?: Shounen-ai, Pokemon crossover
Pairings?: This chapter includes Kazuki x Keita and Omi x Kaoru

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or Gakuen Heaven, nor the characters from both series.

To all of you who have been reading and reviewing, hoping for an update, I apologise for the wait! I really am sorry it took me so long! See, I originally had the next two chapters on my laptop, but I lost them when it crashed, so I had to write them out again. Oh well, this storyline is better than I originally planned.




Chapter Five: Secrets Revealed

The group of four, including Marill, arrived in the cafeteria, all of their stomachs rumbling as the aromas of numerous foods filled their nostrils. "So, what will be for dinner tonight?" Keita murmured.

"How about something perfect for lifting dark moods?" Kazuki suggested.

Tracey nodded. "That sounds like a fine idea." He followed them to the menu board and had a look. "Maybe I'll have pizza tonight."

"Cool idea!" Keita agreed. He looked to Kazuki. "Want to get a pizza to share?"

Kazuki nodded. He had a look at the small, blue mouse. "Is Marill able to eat pizza too?"

"Pokemon can eat the same as humans, but it's not often recommended," Tracey explained. He looked down to Marill, who was in his arms. "Would you like some fresh fruits?"

"Rill! Marill marill!" Sure! That sounds great!

"Okay then. Let's see..."

They'd made their orders and were carrying their trays over to a large table where many other young men were seated.

"Oh! Here they come now!" Tetsuya exclaimed.

Shunsuke rose from his seat and waved, calling out to them. "Keita! Kazuki! Tracey! Marill! Hurry up!"

Soon, they were seated as well. Marill was sitting on the table so she could get her fruit from Tracey's tray.

A tall, young man with dark blue hair and spectacles observed the Pokemon carefully. "Animals don't normally come into the cafeteria, but I suppose since she doesn't look like she'll make a mess, we can make an exception."

"Don't worry, Marill is a clean eater, and she's quiet too," Tracey replied. He noticed Kouji nodding in approval as well. "By the way, my name is Tracey."

"So, you're the student I've heard about. I'm Nakajima Hideaki, call me Hideaki. I'm Vice-President of the Student Council."

"And an annoying hacker to boot," Omi stated, loud enough to be heard.

"At least I'm not some Treasury Dog."

Keita sweatdropped. "Sorry, this happens all the time."

"Hide, cut it out, we're meant to have a meal, not an argument," Tetsuya laughed.

Kaoru frowned. "Omi, you should know better than to provoke him."

"So, Tracey, as we understand, it's a difficult day for you. How have you been holding up?" Yukihiko questioned, concern in his voice.

Tracey blushed lightly as he realised all attention was on him. "I'm alright now. Normally, I can't be alone on this day...but I know I'm not alone. I have friends who care about me." He patted Marill's head. "And with Marill by my side, I've never been alone."

"So, she's a special friend, huh?" Shunsuke questioned.

"She is. Marill is my best friend, she was my first friend."

"Marill ma, marill rill rill ma ma rill marill rill." Tracey, no matter what we'll always be together so you'll never be alone."What did she just say?" Kaoru questioned. 

Tracey smiled and scratched Marill behind one of her round ears. "She said that we'll always be together, so I'll never be alone."

"You can understand all of that?" Shunsuke asked, his eyes wide. "That's incredible!"

"Trainers who bond with their Pokemon learn how to understand what they are saying. When I first met Marill, I couldn't understand what she was saying. But, over the years, I've gained a grasp on her language."

"So, what was your reason for coming here?" Hideaki questioned.

"I don't know." He looked at his food. "I received a Platinum Paper, and Professor Oak allowed me time off from my work to come here. I have no idea why I was selected."

"Well, it must be a very special reason if you were chosen, and from so far away," Yukihiko stated.

Tracey nodded. "That's why I'm here. The professor explained that only those who received a Platinum Paper were entered into this school, so for me to get one means something. I don't know what it is yet, but it will come to me eventually."

"I'm sure you'll find your answer," Kazuki said with a smile. He didn't fail to notice the subtle glances he got from Omi, Kaoru, Hideaki and Tetsuya, the only ones aside from Keita who knew he was the Chairman of the school.

"Yeah, that's what I'm hoping at least."

Takuto looked up from his meal. "I believe part of the reason is because of your art skills. You are very talented, Tracey."

The light tinge returned to Tracey's cheeks. "Thank you very much. I still feel I have a long way to go."

"I also observed your father's work. He too was a great artist. It is true that you need to keep working, but I can see your future in art will be bright."

The tinge darkened. "Thank you, Takuto, it means a lot to hear it from you."

Kouji lightly tapped on the tray. "Takuto, you still need to eat some more," he whispered.

Takuto nodded and resumed eating what he could.

The group split up later, all of them heading to their rooms. Tracey walked with Keita and Kazuki, Marill in his arms again. The little mouse had fallen asleep after eating all of her food. "Well, we'd better call it a night. I didn't sleep too well last night," Tracey stated as he stood out front of his room.

"Okay, Trace. Goodnight," Keita replied.

"Goodnight, Tracey," Kazuki added.

"Night, guys." Tracey opened the door to his room and entered, closing it behind himself.

"I hope Tracey will be alright now," Keita stated.

"He will be, Keita." Kazuki drew Keita into an embrace. "Would you like to sleep in my room again?"

"Sure." Keita returned the embrace. "I'd love to."

"I only hope there are no late night meetings to attend again."

"Honestly, Kazuki, they've got to stop doing that to you." The embrace was broken and Keita took Kazuki's hand instead.

Kazuki returned the affectionate gesture and led the redhead into his room.

Omi was on the computer. Hideaki's question about Tracey's reason for being enrolled piqued his curiosity. Due to being an expert hacker, he was able to get through every firewall, and eventually, got into the school system. He found the student files, and came across Tracey's. "Here it is. Tracey Sketchit." He opened the file and read it. "His fine points are art, research and observation. But, there is more to him than meets the eye." Omi kept reading on, hoping to find the answer.

"Omi, what are you doing?" Kaoru asked.

"Just easing some late night curiosity, Kaoru."

The Treasury President approached him from behind and wrapped his arms around his shoulders. "What are you so curious about that you'd rather be in front of the computer than with me?"

"Nakajima-san's question was a good one, and I intend to find out the real reason why Tracey was enrolled here."

Kaoru blinked brilliant, green eyes in confusion. "Why does it really matter?"

"There's something else, aside from his art skills, his research abilities gained from working at a Pokemon laboratory and the observation skills he uses as a Pokemon watcher. But, what could it be?"

Kaoru sighed. "As long as it doesn't bring trouble to the academy, then what does it matter? Just come to bed, I can ease other curiosities you have. Like where I'm most sensitive."

Omi turned from the computer and looked into green eyes. "That does sound like something I'd much rather concern myself with."

"Then come to bed, Omi."

"In a little while, Kaoru. I think I've found my answer." He clicked on a link in the page and up came a photograph.

Kaoru turned to the screen and looked at the photo. His eyes narrowed. "There really is much more going on than we expected. What was Endou thinking?"

Omi just shook his head. He continued to look at the photograph.

"Hey, Kazuki?"

"Yes, Keita?"

"Why is it that Tracey was selected to come here?"

"Why are you asking?"

"I know my reason, I know your reason, I know the reason for all of our friends, but not for Tracey."

"Alright. Well, Keita, can you remember during that time we would always play together in the forest? Before you became ill?"

"I can."

"Well, what else can you remember about that time?"

Keita thought hard. "Not very much."

"Once when we were playing, we found a boy about the same age as you. He looked like he'd been hurt, so we took him back to my family's home and took care of his injuries. He was in a state of trauma for weeks following, so he stayed with us. Every night, he'd wake up screaming and crying. It turned out, after he was able to calm enough to tell us, that he'd been attacked by other kids. At first, it was hard to believe, but then he mentioned how old the kids were. It was no wonder he was traumatised after his experience. When he was able to move without hurting himself further, we helped him get back home. We later learned he'd moved far away to avoid running into that group that attacked him. After a couple of years, that event had left his memory. But, it's still best that he's with those who know what happened, in the event that the memories return."

"Kazuki...are you saying that Tracey...?"

"Yes. We met him once before."

"So, he's here so we can keep an eye on him?"

"Yes. Plus, I've heard that group of attackers is still no better than they were. They're on a new rampage and want to find the one that escaped enough to help bring them down."


"That's why Tracey is here. We have to protect him. But, in order to keep that a secret from him, so he will no longer have to live through that anguish, I've told him that it was because of his skills with art, observation and research."

Keita nodded. "How will he react when he learns we've lied to him?"

Kazuki shook his head. "I only hope he'll trust us."

"I knew it." Omi enlarged the photograph. "This is that violent group that was recently released from Juvenile Detention."

"By having Tracey here, they're hoping to protect him, but it could put the whole school in danger," Kaoru commented. "Sometimes, I just don't know what is going through his head."

"There is a caption on this photo. Be wary of these men, be sure to keep Tracey out of their sights so they can't hurt him again. Be sure to keep them from Tracey's sight to prevent more trauma. They have a history."

"First he has Keita come here because they're childhood friends, and now he has Tracey come here to protect him."

Omi closed the image and made his way out of the system, making sure to clean up everything he'd hacked to make it appear as if he'd never been in there in the first place.


Tracey found Omi serving Kaoru tea. They were both, of course, in chibified hamster form. "Hello, Omi-hamu! Hello, Kaoru-hamu!"

"Oh, Tracey-hamu! This is a surprise-hamu!" Kaoru exclaimed as he picked up his teacup.

"What brings you here-hamu?" Omi asked.

"I've just been hoping to find the perfect thing to sketch-hamu," Tracey replied.

"Well then, I know just the thing for you to sketch-hamu." He looked over to Kaoru. "How about Kaoru-hamu? He's perfect for an artwork-hamu."

"Great idea-hamu! Kaoru-hamu, is it alright-hamu?"

Kaoru set down his teacup, rose from his seat and walked away quickly.

"Or so he would be if he wasn't camera shy-hamu," Omi chuckled.

Tracey was standing in front of the blackboard again, he was sweatdropping after Omi's little joke. He tapped the board with his little baton.

"It seems things are even more dangerous than we could expect-hamu," Kaoru stated.

"But, as long as Tracey-hamu stays in the school grounds he will be fine-hamu," Omi added.

"But, what if he goes on an outing with Keita-hamu?"

"Next time in Newest Student At BL Gakuen: A Not So Safe Day Out."

"Be sure to follow this story to the end-hamu," Kaoru stated with a stern expression on his face.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully, the next update won't take five years.